What I Wore Wednesday, Anniversary Edition

Fancy, or casual, light or dark? If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had quite a dilema when trying to decide what to wear Friday when Brian and I went up to Scottsdale to celebrate our anniversary.

If I went with fancy, I had to choose between my cream colored dress that I wore for Easter and graduation, or my dressy black dress, which I wore last year on our anniversary. If I went more casual this time, I could choose my lacy romantic top or my silky black tank. Kopek wasn't very helpful. 

That look says:"Hurry up and decide already!"
Brian got home from work early, so he helped me decide. 

Attractive bathroom shot, lol
 Black tank: Soma
Necklace: Tara Lane Designs, similar
Pearl earrings and bracelet
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Headband: not sure

Here's a somewhat blurry close up picture:

I almost wore these shoes, but decided against them since I'm not used to wearing heels yet. 

We stayed at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. It was very, very nice. 

We went swimming, and then got ready for dinner at House of Tricks. 

Image from House of Tricks website
We started with salad, Brian ordered the chef's "Caesar Salad with Garlicky Dressing," and I ordered the "Spring Mix Salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Radish, Goat Cheese and White Balsamic-Honey Vinaigrette." Amazing!

Brian ordered "Grilled Filet Mignon with Charred Scallion Potatoes, Sautéed Spinach and Brandy Demi Glace":

And I orded "Sugar-Spiced Salmon with Chinese Long Beans, Mustard Sauce, Sweet Soy-Ponzu, Sticky Rice and Nori." 

We both agreed it was the best food we'd ever eaten! The portions were just right, so we were able to still get dessert. Brian ordered their Tricks bar, a large candy bar type dessert with ice cream, and I ordered the tiramisu with coffee bean brittle. 

We are so photogenic.

Saturday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. I knew it would be quite hot, so I wore a sundress with a tank underneath, and sunscreen! I'd never tried converse with a dress before, but it was really cute!

Oh so photogenic...

On our actual anniversary, yesterday, I wore the 3rd outfit in the first picture, with my hair in a loose romantic braid. Unfortunately, I'm having some issues with my camera and can no longer use the self-timer. I guess that means more attractive bathroom shots in the future! 

Thank you all for the happy anniversary wishes, we had a truly refreshing weekend! We've experienced moving cross-country, changing schools and majors, finding a new church, becoming youth group leaders, job stress, moving, losing said job, unemployment, illness and death in the family, a funeral, multiple weddings, college graduation, and starting a new job. And probably a lot more than I can remember, but it's been action packed. Here's to many more happy years!

pleated poppy

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