Our Two Year Anniversary Weekend!

Brian and I are heading up to Scottsdale tonight to celebrate our two year anniversary!

We found a great deal on a very nice resort, and I'm looking forward to spending some time at their pool and hot tub this afternoon! Unfortunately, the restaurant that's become our anniversary tradition closed down sometime during the past year, so we have to find a new place. I've been wanting to go to House of Tricks for some time, so I'm excited to try it out tonight.

Brian told his coworkers that we were celebrating our anniversary this weekend, and his boss came to him and said, "Remember how I said we're pretty flexible with our hours around here? I expect you to be gone by lunch tomorrow!" How nice is that?! Have I mentioned how much I like Brian's new job?

In the spirit of celebration, I thought I'd show a few pictures from our wedding, June 19th 2010!

Getting me ready was a team effort!

One of my favorite pictures!

My uncle officiated our wedding:

Formal on the outside, fun on the inside! Brian and I both love confetti cake, so that's what we had! The cake topper was used in several of Brian's family member's weddings.

I love how happy Brian's best man looks!

Send off time!

That's all for today! Maybe next week I'll show you the staged pictures of just Brian and me.

Brian and I were reminiscing about our first anniversary a few days ago, how we supposedly booked a "resort" but it ended up being a not very nice hotel, and I forgot my dress shoes, but we had a lovely dinner with complimentary dessert :)

So now, for all you married folks, share with us in the comments any special memories from your first or second anniversary! If you a really great story, I'll feature it in a post on Newlywed's Bliss!

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