A Horrible-Stinky-Rotten-No good-Miserable Day

Ever had one of those?

When you wake up late, decide to skip going to the gym, and since no one's going to see you, you might as well skip showering and stay in your pajamas. Besides, your pajamas have an elastic waist, and it's definitely an I-feel-fat kind of day.

When you get so frustrated with Illustrator that when you husband calls you at lunch, you burst into tears and tell him that this is the most miserable day of your life and you choose the wrong major in college and now your life is ruined.

When your husband responds with, "Ok, I've got to get back to work," says goodbye, and hangs up while you're still bawling.

When you scrap the whole logo you've been working on, and start over. When suddenly, it starts to click. And then, your day drastically turns around when you discover the perfect font you've been looking for for a long time, and the background patterns you've been looking for, and find out that they're free. Then you cry for happiness, and life doesn't feel so miserable.

When your husband gets home. When said husband comes through the door and without even saying Hi,  launches into why-does-it-stink-in-here, and why-didn't-you-do-this-or-take-care-of-this-since-after-all-you've-been-home-all-day. When your once wonderful day turns back to horrible-stinky-rotten-no-good-miserable.

When you burst into tears for the third time, and then decide his apology isn't sincere.

That was my day, last Wednesday. While I was storming around getting dinner ready, fuming on the inside, asking God why He gave me such an insensitive husband, I remembered that we had small group that night. And we were going to be talking about forgiveness. Crap.

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