What I Wore Wednesday

I'm so excited to be linking up for What I Wore Wednesday for the first time ever! Lately, I needed some serious motivation to change out of my pj's every day. So, here are my best outfits from the last week.

pleated poppy

Last Wednesday:
pink long sleeve tee - old navy. Similar: Mango Women's Basic Long Sleeve T-shirt
gray tank top - old navy 
boot cut jeans - refuge runway Charlotte Russe (on sale this weekend, 10% off)

Ok, it is very hard to take a picture of yourself without a tripod. If anyone reading this is looking for a gift idea for me: TRIPOD. As it is, for this picture I balanced the camera on one of the bookshelves that was about the right height, but I'm so far away! 

Since you can't see them in the first picture, here's a close up of my cute socks. 

A from the top view of my headband, from Tres Chic Boutique. 

striped button up- old navy
striped shoes- Francesca's Collections
skinny belt - came with a skirt
not shown: the same jeans and a similar gray tank to the ones I wore the day before

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit Thursday, so I dug it out of the laundry the next day and took a quick picture. 

On Friday, I had a hard time convincing myself to not stay in my pajamas. I compromised by wearing this super comfy t-shirt and putting on jeans. I figured that as long as I have to put some pants on, they might as well be jeans. 

gray t-shirt -Old Navy
navy tank - Old Navy
headband - Maurice's

On Saturday, Brian and I celebrated our 1 year and five month anniversary, so I dressed up a little! 

This is the best picture of my headband I could manage. 

 Dress- Maurice's? I've had it forever.
black pumps - Payless? I've had these for almost forever.
purple long sleeve t-shirt -Old Navy
Gray fabric shoes- Payless

I wore the dress to church in the morning, and changed to the casual outfit when we came home. We had friends over all afternoon, and then youth group that night.

white t-shirt -Charlotte Russe
pink tank - Old Navy
knit skirt- Forever 21
Headband- Maurice's

Yes, this picture is the best of the three that I took.  It's kinda ridiculous how unphotogenic I am. I was having a really bad day on Tuesday, and then I realized at 11:30 I was still in my pjs and hadn't showered. I decided to wear a skirt and fix my hair in an attempt to lift my mood, and it worked! This was  a landmark day for me: it was the first time in my life I succeeded in putting my hair into a bun! 

I definitely could improve my outfits with some necklaces or scarves, I think.

Speaking of scarves, I found this incredible video this week. I've watched it several times, and then I got addicted to Wendy's channel. I watched all of her videos over the course of two days. She's got a very quirky, peppy personality, and super helpful tips!

Using pictures to motivate myself to get dressed in the morning definitely worked for me!

works for me wednesdays

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