What I Wore Thanksgiving Edition

From Christmas socks to red lipstick, here's what I wore last week.

Last Wednesday 

Teal henley top...I can't remember!
Green tank top- Old Navy
Jeans- Refuge Runway from Charlotte Russe

flower pin- The Mercy House, no longer available. Similar.

And because you all liked my socks so much last time:

Christmas socks!

Unfortunately I was too busy on Thanksgiving to take a picture of what I wore. I'll just have to wear it again sometime so I can show you. 

 Black Friday
Eiffel Tower Shirt- gift from my little sister
Pink sweater- Francescas
Skinny jeans

Headband- also from my little sister, I think from Claire's.

I must have been subconsciously missing my family, since most of my outfit was a birthday gift from Evi and the pink sweater I bought here in AZ when she and my mom came to visit.

Comfortable flats- Clark's

My outfit was all about comfort, from my sweater to my shoes. And because I'm sure you're dying to know what I bought...
Twisted peppermint and evergreen candles, Paris Amour body lotion- Bath and Body Works
Lipstick, "The Red"- Sephora
Not shown- two Body By Victoria bras- Victoria Secret

For some reason, I felt a little awkward posting pictures of my new bras, haha! Anyway, they were buy one get one 50% off. The lipstick was not on sale, but the candles were buy two for the price of one, and I used a coupon to get the lotion for free. 

The lipstick is called "The Red," for obvious reasons. It's very, very red. The lady helping me pick a color said it was vintage, like something Marilyn Monroe would wear, so I bought it. It will be perfect for my best friend's vintage 50s wedding next summer, and it will look lovely with my black dresses. I have some red winter dresses that it will look nice with too. I'm also going to experiment with toning it down with gloss and primer for other outfits, and hopefully work up to wearing it full strength. Since I'm not really a lipstick wearer, the color really scares me right now!

headband- from my older sister, from Maurice's
navy tee-shirt- from Walmart
gray flowered flyaway cardigan- a Christmas present from my younger sister, from Younkers
shoes- Francesca's

Brian took this picture for me! You can't see my shoes, but their the same blue striped flats in last Wednesday's post.

I realized that I owe a lot of my wardrobe to my sisters, especially my younger one. She's the family fashionista. Thanks Evi!!!

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