Thankful for My Husband

I posted about it on facebook, but in case you haven't heard, over on Newlywed's Bliss tomorrow we are giving you an opportunity to give thanks, specifically for your spouse. We're asking you to make a list of 10 things you love about them, once a week, during the month of November. Then, link up with us on Tuesdays. I hope you'll join me over there, even if you don't consider yourself "newly wed."

Here's my list, mainly of things that occurred just last week:

  1. You are more patient than I am, and you're good at trouble shooting. I couldn't have figured out how to set up this linky without you. 
  2. You do and say hilarious things in your sleep. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. 
  3. I love your laugh, the deep, belly laugh when something is REALLY funny and your face turns red and you gasp for breath. 
  4. I love that you always want me to come to bed at the same time you do.
  5. I love that you make me coffee every morning. It makes my day so much better!
  6. You agreed to forgo looking at cars on our date last Friday, and instead got wings and watched Lord of the Rings with me. It was epic, and I had a great time!
  7. You let me use you to hide behind during the scary parts during Lord of the Rings. 
  8. You are real and honest. 
  9. You take care of maintaining our yard, so I don't have to worry about it. 
  10. Sometimes you read my blog. It really means a lot to me babe!

Will you join me in linking up your list tomorrow over here

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