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Guest posting is a great way to get your writing in front of a new audience, and during the month of November, I would love to give you that opportunity here at Scribbles From Emily.

For some of us, November is a busy month. Busy getting ready for family to visit, or to visit family, fixing food, eating food, giving thanks, and shopping afterwards. We're also trying to get ready for Christmas, which is coming up impossibly soon, so that means more shopping, decorating, and planning.

Sometimes the thankfulness factor of Thanksgiving gets lost in the bustle of the holidays. While we should be remembering our blessings year round, it's a good idea to have a month set aside for that purpose, especially during the time of year that our culture is bombarding us with all the things we "need." 

So to that end, during the month of November I'd like to feature your post that answers this question:

What in your life are you thankful for now, that at the time you didn't see as a blessing? 

Spend some time thinking about that, and when something comes to mind, check out Scribble's guest posting guidelines.

In other news, I'm planning to put together a holiday gift guide again this year, but in a little different format. My gift guide focuses on buying gifts from companies that donate to charities and compassionate organizations, and this year instead of just posting the links to the companies, I'd like to put together a downloadable PDF that features actual products, so you can shop by person, such as "babies," "the people who have everything," "teens," etc.

I could really use your help! Do you shop at any companies that give to good causes? Leave a comment and tell me about them! To leave a comment, click on "Links to this Post" below, or the post title.

I so appreciate your help, and I'm looking forward to reading your guest posts!

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