Back in the Day

Just for kicks, today I'm answering the writing prompt from Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's WorkshopDescribe something you did with your spouse when you dated, but that you’re now “over.”

When we were first married, Brian and I couldn't sleep unless A. We were together, B. It was subzero, and C. We were cuddling. This is how we used to fall asleep:
Sleeping Position 1

In sleeping position 1, we're both sleeping on our stomachs and yet overlapping each other. One, because I needed him for warmth, since I wasn't accustomed to the subzero temps. Two, I wanted to wake up and see his handsome face first thing in the morning.


Unfortunately, he wasn't too fond of smelling my morning breath first thing in the morning, so we modified our cuddling position to this:
Sleeping Position 2
But no matter how we fell asleep, we somehow always woke up like this: 
Sleeping Position 3
Our backs are touching, but we're facing away from each other. It looks as if we had a sleep talking fight. I bet that was interesting.

After a year of marriage, Brian insists we cuddle for about five minutes, so that I can scratch his back. That's our new requirement for sleeping (D. Back scratching). He usually falls to sleep immediately afterwards, and then I can roll over to this, taking all the blankets with me: 
Sleeping Position 4, one year later
Now, he's hinting at getting a bigger bed. Because we need even more space in our relationship? Because of something I said while sleep talking? Has my morning breath gotten worse? I have no idea.

We really do still love each other. The above diagram is no reflection on the state of our marriage. Promise.

Mama’s Losin’ It

What about you? Is there something you and your spouse did when dating or newly married that you don't do now? Why not?

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