Affordable Fall Style and Trends

Where I live, the weather finally started cooling off last week. Walmart is full of fall decor, and Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice latte is calling my name. It's a little too warm to wear long sleeves and scarves here in the valley, but I went up to the mountains for a ladies' retreat a couple weeks ago, so I got to dig out my warm weather clothes. I decided it was a good time to do my seasonal inventory, complete with pictures. 

I wrote about this closet inventory technique as part of the Fashion 101 series, basically, I'm shopping my closet, thinking outside the box and putting together some new combinations with what I already have. 

Since it's been a while since I've written about what to wear, I thought I'd share some tips for dressing for fall. 

1. Camel is in. 
It used to be called khaki, tan, or light brown, but now it's definitely called "camel." And Loft says it's the IN color this season. 

Well, I happened to find a pair of Khakis in the bottom of my drawer that I hadn't worn for over a year, probably. Amazingly, they still fit. Now they're at the height of fashion, so dig out yours too, along with your tan blazers, and keep those nude shoes.

My "camel" pants

2. Flares are in, but so are Skinnies. 
I don't know about jeggings, but keep your skinny jeans, they haven't been replaced by flares totally yet. Speaking of flares, 70's inspired bells are popular, but I recommend going for something a little more conservative and classic, like a bootcut jean. Dark rinses tend to make you look slimmer, and are more versatile.
My go-to bottoms: Khakis, skinnies, and bootcut jeans

3. Go from Summer to Fall with Accessories
I love wearing this thin cotton plaid tunic in the summer, but the color is great for fall, so now I can wear it with skinny jeans and a scarf to keep warm.

Here's another outfit I put together: a long sleeve purple tee, a gold lace cardigan, and my bootcut jeans. It's a nice outfit as is, but add a scarf....

...And it takes it to a new level.
This scarf has a paisley pattern on the ends, fringe, and several gorgeous fall colors in it, including the same purple as the long sleeve tee. I can't tell you where you can get this scarf, because my dad bought it for me in Afghanistan when he was stationed there. 

This teal scarf dresses up and warms up this casual grey tee and jeans. And this scarf I got at Walmart for $5. 

Besides scarves, jewelry adds a lot to an outfit. These earrings from Francesca's Collections add a touch of whimsy to an ordinary cardigan and khakis.

Here's a versatile necklace with lovely fall colors. I've been seeing a lot of chunky chain necklaces around, and also chain belts and bracelets.

Besides scarves and jewelry, accessorize with a hat, a cute purse, or a unique belt. 

4. Stock up on basics. 
I realized as I sorted through my clothes that I have a tanks and tops in the same shades of purple, teal, and cream. Stock up on basics, like tanks and long sleeve tees, in colors that flatter your skin tone and fit you well. Then, you can mix and match, and go from casual to dressy with a few accessories.

5. Go Monotone and neutral.
Pick pieces in the same hue, or similar hues, with a solid neutral base. If camel isn't flattering on you, try

This picture again, from Loft. 
Here's my take on the mono-color look, with my "camel" pants, a cream tank, gold sweater and white scarf. 

And here with a little more color, adding the olive green tank.

Also from Loft. 

And here's my take on the second picture, with a light pink sweater and camel pants.
Sweater: Old Navy, $15
Khakis, Aeropastale
 6. Go bold or classic with red. 
Second to camel, red is also the "in" color this fall and winter. This is a picture of the Real Simple November magazine and the October Better Homes and Gardens. BHG had an entire article about the color red.

I bought this read sweater dress last year, and I'm excited for cooler weather so I can wear it again.

In my opinion, red nail polish is classic. This is color a little more trendy take on red nails. Coral was popular last spring and summer, and this polish makes a great transition from coral to red.  It's called Fire Coral, and depending on what you wear with it, it can look more red or more coral. Plus, it only costs $2. 

e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish

I bought the nail polish at the same time I bought the lip gloss, and didn't even realize how well they matched until later.

e.l.f. Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine in Honey Do, $1

If you're worried about red being too bright on you, experiment with different shades. There are so, so many shades of red available, I'm sure there's one to flatter your skin tone. 

If Fire Coral is too bright or orangey for you, try this set of three polishes. If you buy, all three, you actually save 50%.

e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish Sets (3 piece) for $3

If you prefer lipstick to gloss, e.l.f. Mineral Mineral Lipstick is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. And, it's only $5 a tube. 
Cheerful Cherry $5
7. Make a list. 
When you take inventory, make a list of what you don't have, but would like to get. Keep this list in your purse, so when you're out on Black Friday, you'll be better prepared to resist those deals on things you don't need.

On my list, a mustard colored top. I'm in love with this color, and I don't have any of it in my closet.

Study Break from Shabby Apple

I'm also saving up for some boots, like these from Old Navy.

What trends do you plan to partake in this fall? What are your favorite fall colors to wear?

Have you ever shopped your closet? If not, check out this post and read the "Homework" section for instructions. 

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