Happy Friday!

Today, I'm at a women's retreat up in the mountains. I'm writing this the day before I leave, but I imagine it's cool, crisp, and smells of pine and wood smoke. I've had a busy couple of weeks with the Women of Faith Conference last week the women's retreat with my church this weekend, but I've been learning a lot, and I'm excited to share it with you over the coming weeks. Can you believe it's already the last day of September?!

So, Monday, October 3rd, my new newlywed's blog is officially launching! You won't want to miss the first week of fabulous posts we'll have over there, and the giveaways! I will tell you the name and give you the official link on Monday, but I can hardly contain my excitement! I've snuck sneaked peeks at my two blog contributor's posts for the rest of October, and I can't wait! You're going to love it.

You know that unsettling feeling, like you know there's something you're supposed to do, and you just can't remember what? That's how I feel right now. So, I'm off to finish packing, and then review my lists of things to do before the new blog launch. Have a great weekend friends!

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