29 Decorating and Organizing Ideas for Your Dorm Room Part 2

Welcome to part two of our decorating series. As I mentioned in part one, even if you don't have a dorm room to deck out, many of these ideas are adaptable for an apartment office, bedroom, child's room, or other small spaces. For those of us decorating on a budget, I've included wallet-friendly options with Pottery Barn style.

Planners and Calendars

Fail to plan =  plan to fail. Lucky for you, there are lots of tools available to help you manage your time well, and keep track of your assignments and social life.

1. Splurge: All the heart eye emojis for this gold foil pineapple planner ($58.00) from Emily Ley!

2. Budget: You're almost guaranteed a lovely day with this floral ban.do planner from Papersource ($20.00). It comes with stickers!

3. Splurge: Set up a command central with one of these! $229.99 – $337 at Pottery Barn.

4. Budget: This chalkboard is peel and stick! $5.24 for four 9 x 12 sheets. Add four cork board tiles for $7.99 - you can always cover them with fabric if you'd like.

Whiteboards and Message Boards. 

Make it easy for someone to let you know they stopped by, or just say hi.

5. Splurge: Make a great first impression with the Victorian Frame Dry-Erase Message Board Decal from Pottery Barn Teen for $59.00.

6. Budget: Buy a picture frame from a thrift store, and instead of a photo, put fabric or pretty paper on the inside. Or, cover the glass with a whiteboard sticker.

Hang out Space.

Most likely, our favorite memories after four years of school will be the times you spent with friends. So make your space comfortable, and memorable!

Deck the walls with some decals!
7. Splurge: Apartment Therapy has this post on decals and removable wallpaper, with lots of options.

8. Splurge: When I went to college, I really liked the look of the blue and green bubble decals from PB Teen. But I didn't have $50 to spend on them.

9. Budget: I got the same look for just pennies. I traced around cups and a plate to create three different sized circles... on tissue paper! Then I taped them to the walls in a bubble pattern. I loved it, and visitors always complimented it!

10. Splurge: Along the same lines, today Pottery Barn has gold circle decals for $45. 

11. Budget: If you can't find gold tissue paper, I mentioned in part one of decorating ideas for your dorm room that you can buy a roll of gold or copper contact paper that will stick to the wall for around $10.00 a roll, then just cut out or punch your own circles or triangles. 


These round chairs might be the best reading chairs you'll ever sit in. They are SO comfortable.

12. Splurge: these chairs from PB Teen cost over $100 each.

13. Budget: They might be a little smaller, but the price difference is enough to convince me they're worth it. $50 for Dish Chairs on Amazon.


When living in a small space, making the most of storage space is crucial. Let's start with your closet:

14. Splurge: This classy shoe rack holds 18 pairs ($40.65).

15. Budget: I used one of these for my shoes, but you could use it for extra drawer space, storing books, towels, or whatever fits in the compartments ($14.99 on Amazon).

This one from Target costs a little more, but it adds space just for shoes ($21.99). And if that's not enough room for your shoes, Carrie Bradshaw, this might do the trick: 30 Pair Shoe Rack ($23.79).

16. Double your hanging space with a closet doubler ($6.95)!

17. Make the most of your closet shelves with these dividers. I think these are pretty much genius! Use them to maximize your vertical shelf space in any closet.

18. Splurge: Canvas storage boxes with lids allow for easy stacking. This set of three is $33.39.

19. Budget: For literally just a few cents more, you can buy TWELVE of these plastic shoe boxes. I can't seem to have enough of these: they're the perfect size for holding everything from craft supplies to all the cords to and chargers to various electronics to school supplies. And of course, actual shoes.

20. Here's a tip I wish I'd known earlier: make use of your door space! You can always hang a shoe organizer over it. Apartment Therapy has 10 ideas for ways to use an over the door shoe organizer.

21. But what about an over the door ironing board ($36.00)? 

22. Or an over the door pantry for all your ramen? 

23. A place to store magazines, papers, or gadgets?

24. A clothes hamper?

25. A coat, hat, scarf, and bag rack?

26. Or a towel rack for your bath towels?

Bet you wish you had more doors.

If you don't have a loft bed, you can also make the most of the space underneath your bed.

27. Get more space underneath by putting your bed on risers, like these 6-inch black bed risers from Amazon.com, a set of four for $9.95.
If you don't have much closet space, underneath your bed is a great place to store out of season clothes, extra bedding, or towels. Or, you could store art supplies, books you aren't using, or anything you don't want out in the open.

28. Splurge: Underbed storage boxes with hinges, a set of two for $51.90.

29. Budget: Underbed storage bag, for $5.99.

What are your storage or decor ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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