I am slowly but surely working on a new blog! Don't worry, Scribbles From Emily won't go anywhere. I plan to keep Scribbles as my personal blog, and the new blog, while still somewhat personal, will be more informational in nature.

What do I mean by that? My new blog will focus on newlyweds and young marrieds: inspiring, educating, and assisting wives adjusting to marriage. It seems to me that there are loads of wedding planning blogs, but very few newlywed blogs. After all, isn't planning for marriage more important than planning for a wedding?

 I hope to fit in this niche by writing posts to strengthen marriages by giving suggestions for loving your spouse, healthy conflict resolution, getting along with in-laws and other family members and friends,  putting meals on the table after a day of working or school, simplifying home life with organization tips, and decorating a new home.

I'm looking for regular contributors for the new blog: two or three people who can write for it once a week. If you are 1.young and married, and 2. interested in writing for that audience, and 3. have strong writing skills, send me an email. I'm especially looking for someone with specialized experience in one or more of the topic I mentioned above, such as cooking.  I'll be looking for guest posts too, so if you'd like to write something for newlyweds but aren't sure about doing it on a weekly basis, keep that in mind!

In other news, perhaps you've noticed that my posting has become more sporadic (If you haven't, that's good). Since school has started up, I'm finding it really difficult to keep posting three times a week. I'm not sure how I did it last year! At least until I get into a routine, I plan to cut down my posting to twice a week.

I could use your help with coming up with some ideas for future blog posts! What do you wish someone had told you as a newlywed? What do you wish you had done differently, or what are you glad you did? What were/are your biggest challenges? If you aren't married, what would anticipate wanting to know more about?

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