Best Blog Award, Beach, and Birthday

...are all included in this post, as well as too much alliteration. 

My Birthday

Brian had to leave on a business trip the week of my birthday, and wasn't going to get back until the day of, so Brian talked me into opening my presents before he left, on Sunday afternoon. I agreed, on the condition that we got cupcakes. 

Brian insisted I open his present first. Earbuds! Oh wait, there's more...

It's an ipod touch! In the picture, I'm marveling over how thin it is.

The morning of my birthday, I volunteered at the church as usual. Then I met my friend Tara for lunch at my favorite sit down restaurant, Bucca Di Beppo!

Tara and I had a blast talking! 

Since it was my birthday, I got a free birthday brownie sundae! And the waiters sang Happy Birthday to me!

The Beach
Brian was supposed to arrive at 8 p.m, and then we'd make the six hour drive to LA. Unfortunately, his plane was delayed two hours. Being the stubborn (and crazy) person he is, Brian insisted we drive all night to get there. We ended up pulling up in front of my sister in law's house at around 5 am.! 

We slept for several hours, and then we were ready to start celebrating. 
First stop: brunch at Schooner or Later. I love this restaurant! Great food, and great location- right by the pier. 

My present from Andrea, a Disney bag!

 We spent most of Friday at the beach.
Farmer's tan

Running to the water

And running away from the was cold!

That night, we went to Downtown Disney.

A bad picture of the entrance to California Adventure

Saturday, we went to The Getty Center, and an Angels baseball game. 
The Getty Center Garden

Van Gogh's Irisis

We were at the very top!

I thought it was so cute that this little girl made a sign to cheer on the Angels!

Heavenly Nachos. They have chicken, salsa, cheese, and jalapenos on top!

There was a Ludicris concert after the game. I didn't know any of his songs, and I couldn't understand the words because of the way the speakers were set up, but it was very entertaining watching everyone else!
On Sunday, we didn't do much besides watch Harry Potter movies. We watched 2 through some of 4 while we were there, and Andrea sent me home with the first three books!

A few souvenirs
And, now we're back. Classes start in a week and a day for me, so I'm scrambling getting ready. I'm not ready for summer to be over!

Blog Award
On another topic, Tara from Haute Lunch awarded me the Best Blog Award! Thank you so much Tara!
As with most awards, I get to tell you some things about myself before I pass it on. 

7 Things About Me
1. If I could have any hair color, I'd want to have red hair. I love red hair and freckles! 
2. I'd choose fruit over vegetables any day. 
3. My sister in law has addicted me to Harry Potter. I finished the first book, and I'm working on the second one. And now I've seen the movies 1-6. They get progressively darker and scarier, and I'm going to need a break for awhile so I can sleep without nightmares again! 
4. Pearls are my jewelry of choice. 
5. This year I'll be a senior in college! 
6. When I tell people I'm going to college, they usually ask, "Oh, grad school?" Nope, I've got to survive four years first!
7. Along that same line, most people guess that I'm 23, when I on my birthday, I just turned 21. I don't know if that's a good thing...hopefully it's not so much that I look old as it is that I'm mature for my age!

This award has another requirement, answering a Q and A.

Q and A
Favorite Color? Blues, sky blue, navy blue, and aqua. 
Favorite Song? Wow, that's a hard one! "You Picked Me" by A Fine Frenzy ranks pretty high up there.
Biggest Pet Peeve? Facebook drama. Seriously people, facebook is not the place for your debate/fight/name calling.
When Upset, I: Well, that depends. Sometimes when I'm angry I cry, other times I get sarcastic. Usually it ends with me crying, though. 
Favorite Pet: Hmmm, we had a crazy Persian cat growing up named Mysti. I really loved our dog Sadie too, who died of bone cancer. The dog we're taking care of now is by far one of my favorites. I'll tell you more stories about him soon!
Black or White: Black.
Biggest Fear: Failure, or spiders usually. But lately, Voldemort. 
Best Feature: Hmm...I've got great legs! And a good sense of humor. 
Everyday Attitude: Well, Brian would say "ticked off." I've been really stressed out. I am working on it though!
What is Perfection? The ocean, coffee, and no worries. 
Guilty Pleasure: Starbucks caramel lite frappuccino with whipped cream! 

And now it's time to...

Pass it On
For this award, I'm supposed to choose 15 bloggers to pass it on to! 
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There are SO many blogs I love that I try to spread the awards around and not always pick the same people, but if I've missed you, I'm really sorry! Chances are, I love your blog!

Whew, thanks for bearing with me through this long post! Just for fun, even if I didn't pass on the award to you, answer the Q and A in the comments! I'd love to learn more about you! To leave a comment, click "links to this post" below.

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