Back To School...With a Purpose

I've been avoiding admitting that it is back to school time, but with my classes starting in a week, it's impossible to ignore. The summer went by all too fast, but if there's one thing I enjoy about the end of summer, it's shopping for new school supplies! There's just something about blank notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils that makes me happy.

This fall is special, because my little sister starts college! I can't believe how old I'm getting. I did my best to convince her to go to school here in Arizona with me, but she's chosen a Bible college in our home state, where she'll be studying women's ministry. I'm confident that God has big plans for her personal and spiritual growth this year.

It's also my LAST fall semester of college, and the beginning of my senior year. My hope and prayer is that this year, I'll be able to take classes on campus. Last year, since we only had one vehicle and didn't want to pay out of state tuition, I took all of my classes online. Brian and I are working through the piles of paperwork to prove to the school that I'm a resident of Arizona, and I'm trying to communicate with my advisor to see if it's a possibility for this semester. I'd really appreciate your prayers! If God wants me to be on campus, He can definitely make it happen.

As I look forward to this final year of college, I still have a lot of unanswered questions. The biggest by far is "What's next?" What happens when I get my degree? What do I want to do next? My answers keep changing, but I know that God's doesn't. He already knows what's going to happen. He has always brought opportunities that fit my interests and abilities to me in the past, and I'm confident that he will continue to do so.

Well, some of the time I'm confident. The rest of the time, I'm losing sleep over it. While you're praying, you could mention that too.

Whether I'm doing schoolwork on my computer at home or sitting in classes, I don't want to waste my last year of college. I want to go to school with a purpose. One of my purposes is to learn as much as I absolutely can. I never want to slack off or get lazy. Another purpose is to get prepared for whatever comes next. I want to be available for God to use me, in whatever context he chooses.

So, speaking of going back to school and school supplies, I was very excited to have the opportunity to review some school supplies from!

This set comes with "He Has My Heart" notebook, folder, and binder,  and "I Know Where Love Comes From" notebook, folder, and binder. Each item has a scripture reference on the front.

And, as Blogger likes to do at random, this picture is mysteriously sideways. 

The "He has my heart" series has the entire verse on the front, Psalms 139:23 "Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts."

The binders have pockets inside, something I always look for in a binder. 

I haven't received or purchased a DaySpring product that I haven't liked yet, and these actually pleasantly surprised me. They are actually much prettier and better quality than they appeared in pictures. I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to keep them for myself, or give them to my sister! Maybe we can share...

All six products, the two spiral notebooks, folders, and binders, are on sale for $13.09. If you're not into the pink and hearts scene, there are several other designs to choose from:
Visit DaySpring Home Page, where you'll find the back to school sets featured, or shop Cards, Notes, Invitations and Stationery for more goodies. AND, right now DaySpring is having a Customer Appreciation and Grand Opening sale to celebrate their new website, so you can take 25% off of your entire order with the code: THANKS11 at checkout! If there's something you've been eyeing, this is a good time to get it! 

What do you look forward to about school starting up? What does going to school "with a purpose" mean to you? Share it in the comments by clicking on "links to this post" below.

DaySpring provided me with this product to review at no cost. All opinions are my own!

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