{my first vlog} Hearts Against Hunger

Today you're in for a treat: my first ever vlog! Please don't laugh too much!

I asked Brian, and no, I don't have a lisp. It's just the camera microphone.

Our goal is $1,500. That's a lot of meals! You can read more about the virtual food drive at Melanie's blog, Only a Breath.

Here's the link to the virtual food drive: Feeding America. I encourage you to read their mission statement and information about their programs before making a decision. Here's a quote from their site:
"Through the assistance of local and national food assistance programs, Feeding America is able to provide nutritious, fresh foods to Americans struggling with hunger; safe and nurturing places for children to have a meal; emergency assistance for disaster victims; as well as a chance at self-sufficiency for adults trying to break the cycle of poverty and hunger"
If you would like to donate to fight hunger and poverty worldwide, consider donating to Compassion!

And, if you really, really, can't give financially, consider at least adding the "Hearts Against Hunger" button to your site, and spreading the word on facebook and twitter. That way, even if you can't give, you might inspire someone else who can!

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