If Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words...

Then these should make up for my lack of posts recently!

New Dining room + New  Dog

A lot of replacing outlet covers has been happening here lately

And replacing smoke detectors too

And two days of nothing but scrubbing walls caked with grime...

So that we could paint before moving in!

I'm very proud of my masking and draping around the shower!

We decided on the darker brown, and we love it!

I look gross, but I don't even care. We were up late almost every night, and by late, I mean after midnight. And poor Brian has to get up at 5.

Kopec, the Turkish superdog, as I affectionately call him.

Room #3

Feverish packing on Friday. This is BRIAN'S massive stack of tee shirts. He admitted that most of them don't fit him, but proceeded to tell me the story behind each one; where he got it, who he was with, and the significance of the occasion. 

Bedroom finished!

It's going to be another late night...

Moving day! 

You can read more about that here!

What projects or exciting events have you been up to lately?

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