The Gift of Relationships

Today I'm practicing gratitude again, and many of things on my list seem to be related to relationships with others.

524. Brian got a smart phone at last! He wanted a Droid when we first got married, but I finally convinced him that it didn't make sense to spend that much money on a phone and then say I couldn't afford to fly back to Iowa for my cousin's wedding. Plus, I knew that there would be a lot of hidden costs as we moved to Arizona and got settled in an apartment. Now, a year later, he finally has his Droid!

When he's home from work, he's hardly done anything other than mess with his phone, it seems. It's that amazing, I guess!
 It has already come in handy for looking up Little Caesar's Pizza in our area while we're out driving.

But seriously, I'm grateful for the incredible technology we have today, and I know this new phone will be very useful. 

525. Date night at home! It was my week to plan our date, so I planned a dinner and movie, relaxed date. 

I fixed a pasta dish with Brian's favorite: vodka sauce. I didn't actually make the sauce, I just used stuff from the store, and added it to penne, along with some dried basil. I tried to make a salad like the ones at Olive Garden, with the onion rings on top. 

The hydrangea table cloth and the lace doily are both anniversary gifts from my mother-in-law, and the candle is the unity candle from our wedding. The fancy dishes were all wedding presents. I think this is the first time we've used them!

The pasta dish and salad were a hit!

526. The hot tub. I'm grateful that the people we're renting the house from said that we were free to use the hot tub. We hadn't taken advantage of it until Friday.

We waited until after dark, and I put candles around the edges. It was incredibly relaxing and romantic!

After we dried off and changed, Brian agreed to watch Emma with me. This was kind of a big deal, since he dislikes Pride & Prejudice (even the Keira Knightly one) and Sense & Sensibility.

Sadly, he fell asleep a few minutes into it. Sigh. I'll keep working on him!

528. Brian fixed the electric problem we had with our car! This was a huge blessing. The dashboard and radio lights weren't working, and after we got pulled over, we were told our tail lights weren't either. There was a short somewhere, because it kept blowing fuses. Brian found the issue and fixed it, which saved us hundreds of dollars! I'm very grateful for a handy husband!

529. We are flying back to Iowa this week for a wedding! These are two good friends of ours, and we're very happy for them. It will be great to see everyone again, especially some of our college friends that we didn't get to see in May during our last trip. 

530. Speaking of friends, one of my best friends from college happened to be in Phoenix last Friday, and we got to have lunch together! I hadn't seen her since my wedding, so it was so much fun to catch up!

531. Friends who enjoy hanging out with us, even if they have a penchant for children's 80's movies, like the one we watched Saturday...

Harry and the Hendersons (Special Edition)

532. My birthday is coming up! I'm excited, even though Brian will be gone on a business trip until 8 p.m. the day of. It's ok though, because we're planning to drive to LA that night and spend the weekend with my sister-in-law and celebrate with going to the beach and enjoying the cooler weather!

What are you grateful for today? Who are you thankful that you get to spend time with? 

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