What May Flowers Will Bring on The Blog

The April showers have passed, and my Fashion 101 series is almost over. To be honest, I'm a little relieved. I've learned so much and had a fabulous time with the series, but I'm looking forward to being able to write about other topics.

April, in many ways, was a really sad month for me. It seemed like I couldn't get online without reading a blog post or a facebook status about someone dying. Sudden deaths as well as natural deaths, nine year olds and ninety-six year olds. I felt an odd dichotomy while mourning with all those who grieving, and writing about fashion. That's not to say that fashion doesn't matter, because I think it is important to feel confident and good about yourself, but it's not as important as many other things. Namely, our relationships with others, and our relationship with God. 

So I've been mulling over a few ideas for May. This month, we celebrate mothers. While all  moms make a difference in the world, I'd like to honor a few moms who are making a special effort and stepping out in faith.

I'm also thinking about making it a regular feature, and not just about moms. I might call it Make a Difference Monday (unless it's taken already) and write about people who are making a difference in the world. I'd also like to hear from you guys about people you know of who are making a difference.

This week is my last week of classes!!! I CAN'T WAIT. Today I took a final exam and wrote a final paper, and I only have one more final project! Then I'll be scrapbooking around the clock to put together my little sister's life story, flying back to Iowa, celebrating her high school graduation, attending Brian's cousin's wedding, his uncle's retirement from the air force, and flying back. After that, I'll be overhauling my church's website, designing a logo and stationary set for them, finally working on those two project dresses from Goodwill, and putting together two more scrapbooks. And blogging. Of course. And by that time, school will probably be starting back up!

So my friends, what do you have planned for May?

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