Define Basics: What Do You Really Need?

The "basics" are essential to a versatile, classy, and loveable wardrobe. And this is where I have trouble. When I go shopping, I'm easily distracted by something sparkly and I forget that what I really need is a pair of black flats.

I found this list of twelve must have basics, the bare essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe. What's your score?


Essential Wardrobe Staples
1. Little black dress (LBD)
2. A black suit (blazer and pants)
3. White button down shirt
4. Knee length black skirt
5. Classic trench coat
6. Dark denim jeans
7. Black pumps
8. Black flats
9. Two cardigan sweaters, one black and one white
10. Black leather bag
11. Set of pearls
12. Diamond (or small cubic zirconium) studs

Midnight Garden
Classic black dress: Midnight Garden from

I got 7 and a half out of twelve, so almost 60%. Hmmm. How did you do?

When picking your basics, keep some of the other principles we've talked about in mind. For instance, if button up shirts aren't flattering on you, look for an alternative, like the white wrap shirt below. Try googling "White wrap shirt" and all sorts of options will come up.

While some lists might include a pencil skirt as a must have basic, if you know they make your hips look too big, find a black A-line skirt or a pencil skirt with a little flair at the bottom.

Adelaide and All Ruffled from Shabby Apple.

More Info

What are your wardrobe basics, your go-to items? If you could add something to the essentials list, what would it be? 

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