Three Reasons to Get out of Sweats and Into Style

A couple weeks ago, I asked the question on coffee talk blog forum: Why dress well? Does it matter?
This was my post:
What do you think? Is it important to dress well, even when you're not trying to impress anyone? It's tempting for me to lounge around in sweats or pj's all day when no one will see me except my husband, and I know a lot of other women, especially moms, find themselves in a similar situation. 
But, when I do dress well, I feel better about myself and more motivated throughout the day. What about you? Do you notice a difference in the way you feel or act? Why do you think that is? Is it worth taking the time to look nice? Why or why not?
I received fabulous, insightful, and honest replies from women in all walks of life:  work at home moms, moms with young kids, moms with kids on the way, women with empty nests, single ladies, and so on. I hope you'll be as inspired as I am!


1. For Others
Karen: I love to be comfy. I home school. I work from home. Who cares how I look???
BUT, when my husband and I were dating (21 years ago), I cared about how I looked. So, even if I don't get there until 4:30 in the afternoon, I do freshen up and put on a little makeup (simple foundation, blush and mascara). He would never ask me to, but I know he likes that I care.

Elise: I don't "dress up" but I do try to take a few minutes (if babies allow) to get dressed, brush my hair and teeth and maybe a touch of makeup. It makes me feel more motivated to do things around the house. I also don't want my hubby coming home and me looking like I've been in bed all day. Sometimes the house looks like it - so I try to have one of us put together!

Chris: Working from home, I don't do much to myself but try to look presentable for my husband when he gets home.
If I'm doing anything social or in public, you better believe I'm getting spruced up!  I love projecting an image of being well-groomed and stylish, which is how my friends view me.  It really doesn't take that much extra effort either.  
I mean if you have to put on pants, a shirt, and shoes anyway, why can't it be a nice updated pair of jeans (no "mom jeans"), trendy shirt, and chic shoes?!
Glenda: I am sure I'm in accord with all the Fashionistas here will agree that even going to the store, you have to look your best - it's essential to present a quality presence to everyone you meet - you never know who that next person in the bank line is - or how they will perceive you and your professionalism.

2. For motivation
Erin and Jocelyn: Definitely, I think its a mood boost when I wear an outfit I feel good in. I work from home so its very easy to dress sloppy, but then I feel sloppy too.

Lolli: Like others, I feel better when I look nice, and when I feel better, I am more productive. It's amazing. Sometimes I am tempted to stay in my sweats and t-shirt, especially when I know I'll just be working from home all day. But taking a shower and doing my make-up and putting something nice on makes me more productive, I swear.

Renee: I feel like I am "Ready for the day" as soon as I have showered and put on some decent clothes. My day always goes better like this. If I wear lounge clothes all day I end up feeling yucky and I don't do as much. I am all about the comfort especially having a four-month old to take care of. That is why my clothes consist of a lot of lululemon gear. It is comfy yet I can run to the store and it looks good. 

3. For yourself
Happy Mum: I spend my time as a SAHM (stay at home mom) and at a barn and every day I get dressed in breeches and a really nice shirt so I don't look too "barny" and I always do my hair and makeup. I do it for me. Just me. It makes me feel better, ready to greet the day!

Shabana: Definitely, dressing up matters. You feel better about yourself and to the world you show that you're someone who respects themselves enough to look after themselvesI work with brands. I always feel it's so important to put out a 'brand image' of yourself to people. The best way to do this is by dressing the way you want to portray yourself. If you get a bit creative and put some more thought into it, then your dressing style makes you stand out from others.

Rhi: I wont leave the house not looking presentable! I work in a drive-through coffee shop and I haaaaaaate when people come by in their fleece playboy pajama pants! Or robes! Snuggies! Slippers! It's awful! 
I'll admit to sometimes running out in yoga pants, but nice, clean, fitted yoga pants. Not frumpy sweats. With a cute sporty top or jacket. And my hair isn't a mess and I'm not going ANYWHERE w/o mascara on. (and right now this happens more since I have exactly two pairs of jeans I can even sort of close with my bump) I try to look cute when my hubby gets home too, cuz nobody wants a frumpy I cant be hoping for any fun if I look like a mess! I hoooooope I can keep it up when I have the baby.... I'm on a serious mission to be a hot mom!!!

A simple pony tail can look chic

Jackie: I do think it's worth it ... It really doesn't even take that much time to get dressed up if you're just light on the make-up and have a quick but cute hairdo. Putting on clothes only takes a couple minutes unless you're indecisive of what to wear. But what's half an hour of getting ready if it means you get to feel good, confident, productive, what have you, for the entire day!

Amanda: I can remember when my first son was born it was hard for me to even get a shower some days. I would be in PJ's or comfortable clothing all day and I just felt blah about myself.  It took me months to get out of this rut. 
When my second son was born I was already aware of how easy it is to fall into the blah mode.  So I made sure that I got showered and dressed into regular clothes everyday.  It did not always happen first thing in the morning but I got it done.  Not only did I feel better about myself but I lost the baby weight way faster! I definitely think that getting dressed everyday and making yourself look nice helps with your overall attitude.

Sally: I think that dressing well does wonders for self-image, confidence, and mood. It may seem like work initially, but putting in the effort to assemble and wear a fun or expressive outfit is nearly always worth the effort!

There are some common threads throughout the responses, and one of the main ones is dressing well to "feel better." That sums up why I try to take the time every day to get out of pj's and put on makeup. How I feel about myself changes the way I respond to others. It affects my mood and my productivity. 

So why is it so hard sometimes? Maybe we just haven't made it a habit to take care of ourselves. We're busy taking care of everyone else, and we think we don't matter. Or, maybe we're just lazy. 

I do think that there are seasons during our lives when other things take precedence. But as Chris mentioned, if you have to put on clothes anyway, why not pick cute ones? Does it really take that long to swipe some mascara? 

I've been wearing some makeup since I was thirteen, so the idea of not taking the time to put it on in the morning is a little foreign to me, and I've never been pregnant or had toddlers. So, what do you think? Is putting effort into your appearance important to you? Why or why not? 

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