Chit Chat

Today I just want to sit here and chat with you. How's your week been? I want to hear about it. Can I tell you about mine? It was one of those weeks.

One of those weeks when I have more good ideas than I have time, and I'm in an almost constant state of distraction. I have notebooks and sticky notes everywhere to write them down before I forget them!

Yep, school's been tough. I've been up 'til midnight several times this week. Tuesday night I was up until then, and then got up at 6 a.m., worked on ONE CLASS all day. All. Day. This particular class is killing me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great class, but two units a week - Mon. Tues. Wed. for unit 1 and Thurs. Friday and Sat. for unit 2 - is just too much!

I've been working hard on this fashion series, and that's been fun! I've been up late at night and early in the morning just planning and working out details, like what the weekly challenges will be, how to organize the posts, and when to have the giveaways. I've got one giveaway and one guest post in the line up so far, and I'm working on finding more giveaways. I think you're really going to love the prizes! I've come up with a name for the series: Fashion 101. Fashion for Dummies was taken already, haha!

I'm learning about designing logos and color theory in school. It's really fascinating! I'm also creating a website for a final project, which is kinda not going well, because I honestly don't think I learned much in the class. Not a good feeling, when you have to teach yourself how to do things on the final.

I'm figuring out how to bid on ebay. I could write a whole post about it, and I might! I finally won an auction. I scored 12 shirts for $30, and with a $15 off gift code I had, I got it all for $24-with shipping! I can't WAIT until they get here!

Also, Wednesday when I was having a really rough day, my crossbody bag from PB and J Boutique arrived! LOVE! Definitely cheered me up!

So yes, this week has been a fight for joy. I've been faced with the choice between joy and frustration, stress, and anger more than once, and I definitely didn't always choose well. When I did make time to take a deep breath, I noticed all the little ways God was showing me He loves me. A few examples from my journal:

Brian has been a huge help! He's done some laundry, dishes, and made dinner at least twice in the last week. I don't know what I'd do without him! 

Here's us at an ASU baseball game last weekend:

Now that I've been to a game, and bought an ASU tee shirt at said game, I feel much more like an actual ASU student! 

Speaking of that game, it was the most fun at a baseball game I've ever had, and I love baseball games! The fans were great! In front of us sat an older couple with season tickets and a younger guy they'd given free tickets to, with his teenage daughter. The older lady was fascinating. At one point the dance team was selling calendars to raise money for a trip, and several of the girls came over and gave this lady big hugs. Apparently, they work out at the same place, and this lady is kinda a grandmother to them. She explained to the guy and his daughter that she'd decided to start running two years ago, and was doing half marathons. She's probably in her late 60's to 70's. 

That inspires me. If she can start running and in two years be doing half marathons at her age, I think I can learn to run for at least one mile! 

My running has gone well this week: I've gone twice. Last week I was in so much pain after the first run (which was like a slow jog for a block) I couldn't run anymore, but this week I've done a lot better. I know I'm getting stronger already, and it's really encouraging to see such fast improvement! 

So enough about my week. What's going on in your life? How was your week?

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