What I Learned This Week About Eating Disorders

Too often, we compare ourselves to other women, real or Photoshopped magazine models, and we look in the mirror and find ourselves lacking. I know that several of you have expressed that the posts last week were a blessing to you. I think at some level, we all struggle with our appearance.

An Example...
A while ago, I went to get my hair cut. I almost didn't go - I was suffering through the worst acne breakout I'd had since eighth grade, I was sick of my dry skin and the fact that my lips would be chapped no matter how much chapstick I put on. My jeans were tighter than I wanted to admit to myself. My hair was dry and brittle and boring. I really wanted to just wallow at home in my "ugliness" and not go out in public more than I had too.
But I went. Only one hairdresser had been able to come to work that day, she was trying to answer the constantly ringing phone and manage the waiting line of grumpy people while cutting customer's hair. People were frustrated that they couldn't get their hair cut right then, and would have to wait half an hour or more, and their favorite stylist was sick. They were rude and snarky to her, but she stayed polite and accommodating, handling their comments with a sense of humor.

I also notice how she treated each of the two ladies in line before me. They were both elderly ladies, they'd had their hair cut thousands of times before. The stylist complemented each woman on some aspect of her hair, suggested a new way to cut or style it, and even styled one woman's hair for no extra charge. Under the stylist's affirming words and skilled hands, they forgot their waiting to-do lists, their age, their financial issues; they sat straighter, they laughed, their eyes sparkled.

When I sat in the chair, she didn't criticize my hair like I'd done. She commented on it's thickness, it's color, and how flattering the cut was. One of the customers chimed in, exclaiming over my highlights. "Wouldn't it be nice to be so young again, with such thick hair, and pink cheeks?" The stylist said. I left feeling lighter, not just because my hair was shorter. I felt freer, and so much better about myself. I had that same sparkle in my eyes that the other ladies that had their hair cut had. She made us feel beautiful. Not just by cutting our hair well. The stylist brought out the beauty that was already there. 

My Hope For You
I hope that the guest posts last week had a similar effect on you: revealing the beauty that was already there.  I hope that you, along with me,

I have so enjoyed reading those posts, reflecting on them, and I so appreciate your outpouring of love and thanks through the comments. Thank you so much for joining us last week!

If you'd like to refer back to these posts at any time, they are labeled under "healthy body image" and "My body God's temple" in the cloud of labels on the right sidebar.

P.S. The winner of the CSN Stores giveaway is yet to be calculated. I've had a busy weekend, and a lot of entries to count. By Wednesday, I'll let you know! Thanks for your patience!

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