My Funny Valentine

I thought my head would explode.

Thursday I felt a little under the weather, but overnight it turned into monster sinus congestion.

I had to go to the church to print and fold the bulletins Friday morning. Let me tell you, when your nose is running like a geyser and your head hurts and your chest hurts and your everything hurts, folding 90 bulletins feels like 900!

I made it home, and crashed on the couch, forming a nice bunker of blankets, Kleenex, meds, snacks, and school books. Somehow I made it through the afternoon without taking a nap; I had assignments due and I had to keep plugging away through the cold medicine induced fog.

Now, when Brian was sick with bronchitis a week or so ago, I tucked him in on the couch, brought him water and snacks, cuddled with him, patted his head, and cooed soothingly. But Brian, he makes fun of me. And he won't come within feet of the couch!

On his way home from work,  Brian bought me a thermometer. No temperature. Just misery.

Friday nights are our date nights, and it was his turn to plan our date. "I guess you don't feel like going out, do you?" He asked dejectedly.

"No, not weally," I snuffled. "What were we going to do?"

"I thought we could go buy the stuff you need for your sewing machine."

My jaw dropped. Not go to Ultimate Electronics or play Scrabble? I was in awe of his sweetness.

Since I couldn't go out, Brian wanted to pick up some wings from Fry's deli for dinner. He agreed to pick up some other groceries too, so I made him a list. After boneless wings, milk, and coffee creamer, I added:
A good bedside manner
He didn't notice until he was almost out the door. He stopped. "A good bedside manner? What aisle would that be in?"

"Ummm," I giggled as I searched for a good comeback. He beat me to it.

"Feminine Care?" 

If laughter is the best medicine, I should be cured pretty quick!

I've heard this song twice recently, and I just love it!

Have a happy Valentine's Day! Share THE love!

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