God Gives Gifts

The last few weeks have been difficult, very stressful, busy, and confusing. I found that to keep sane, I had to keep a record of joys. Because even when situations seem bleak, God is still giving us gifts!

61. Even though there are hundreds of students in my online Geology lab, my teacher answered my email about the issue with the PowerPoint right away.

62. Brian is probably not going to lose his job at the moment.

63. Although online classes are difficult and frustrating at times, they are saving us a lot of money.

64. Although I didn't meet my goal of get up at 5:30 a.m. every day last week, I did a couple times!

65. We bought a color cartridge for my printer!!!

66. I bought a beautiful file holder thing for my coupons. Yes, I'm a coupon lady. But this file holder makes me feel good about it!
This pretty thing is replacing that pink crate.

67. I've got lots of blog design ideas floating around in my head. Not a total re-haul, but just a little face lift to freshen and lighten it up.

68. Brian bought me extra memory for my computer, so it runs much better now.

69. No one was hurt in the car accident that Brian was in on the interstate.

70. Brian's meeting with the CEO was very positive.

71. There has been lots of good blog reading lately! You all are keeping me glued to my computer.

72. Brian forgave me for being stupid the other day. That's one of my favorite things about him, he has a short memory when it comes to wrongs!

73. My blog was featured on Gina's blog, have a heart!

74. I ordered Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts. I CANNOT wait 'til it comes!

75. I have coffee to drink every morning. And creamer, because I can't drink coffee without it.

76. When working at the church Thursday, I was able to get speedy assistance with printing the bulletins, and folding them too!

77. We hung out with friends Saturday night, and I really enjoyed talking a lot. I probably talked Honormommy's ears off. But I had fun!

78. Brian and I celebrated our Seventh Month Wedding Anniversary! We went to Garcia's, a Mexican restaurant with really good food and portions large enough for two meals, literally, and we sat on the patio. It really was this dark, and red, because of the bright neon sign. Eventually, a waiter lit the out door fire place, and if it wasn't for the very drunk couple sitting in front of us, it would have been very romantic. As it was, it was definitely very entertaining!
Brian is SO photogenic

79. I baked peanut butter cookies last night.

78. Even though they all burned, I think they still taste good!

It's all a gift, from stressful weeks to burnt cookies. It's life, and thats a precious gift. 

Have you received any gifts lately that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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