Handmade Christmas Present They Won't Forget

When asked what he wants for Christmas this year, Brian's consistent answer has been: "Nothing." And honestly, I couldn't think of anything he needs or wants either. I had to tell the relatives to get him gift cards, or Brian suggested donating in his name.

I donated a Christmas pack for a Child in Vietnam last year for Brian's Christmas present, and I made him a scrapbook. So this year I wanted to hand-make him something again. And thanks to the Dating Diva's, I decided to make him a month-long Christmas present! You can view the Dating Diva's tutorial; it's really quite simple.

It's a garland of Christmas cards! But wait...

They are special Christmas cards! Each one is for Brian! 
Notice that they start on Day 6. That's because I missed the first week of December, so he had to start on the 6th. But from now on, each day Brian gets to open one card. Inside is a message from me, of one of three types: 

 I tried to save the "Things we can do together" for the weekends, when I figured we'd have more time. I didn't get too elaborate with any of them, they are all just short notes that I truly mean. For Day 6, I simply said that something I love about him was that he enjoys cuddling with me. And since he read it, he's been wanting to cuddle even more than usual! Day 7 was a coupon for a kiss anytime. Be creative!

I typed up each message using a fun font I downloaded for free from Kevin and Amanda: Pea Bhea. I typed the days numbered 6-25, cut them all out and matched them up. Then I made the cards using white cardstock and scrapbooking paper, wire, and snowflake brads. Mine are pretty simple, I only had until Brian got home from work to get it all done.

Then I strung a ribbon from one side of the fireplace to the other, and attached all the cards using paper clips. They hold the card to the ribbon and keep them closed, so there's no peeking.
Each card is handmade by yours truly, and no two are alike!
Brian loves it! I think it's a great way to celebrate Christmas all month long!

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