100 Joys and 1,000 Gifts

Tidings of comfort and joy. That's what this season is supposed to be about, right?

I've written about my search for joy through my joyNess journal posts, and last month I wrote an almost daily list of things I was grateful for. I've found that I really, really need to consciously count my blessings. Otherwise, I so, so quickly get sucked back into feeling discontent, depressed, frustrated, stressed, and materialistic. I start comparing, complaining, and coveting.

And that is no way for a Christ follower to behave. Not when I've been given "every spiritual blessing," and more than my fair share of physical and material blessings as well. 

Enter, 100 Joys. 
For the rest of December, I'll be writing about and photographing 100 joys with Sarah and all the others. Maybe you'd like to join?

By recording 100 joys, I hope to appreciate the blessings and beauty of Christmas more. I hope to focus on the JOY that Jesus brings. And I hope to remain focused on listening for His voice throughout the season.

But is one month enough? Enter, 1,000 Gifts.

I have been wanting to join this group from A Holy Experience for some time, so I think I will. And since 1,000 gifts is quite a lot, I'll count some of my 100 joys towards it for this month.

Are you taking time to find true joy amidst all the busyness and bustle? When and How?

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