Today I'm grateful for a meaningful life

November is National Adoption Awareness Month! I'll hopefully be posting more about that as the month goes on.

November is also the month of Thanksgiving. To focus on the meaning of the holiday, I'm joining Lisa of Curious Girl's Gratitude challenge to write one post per day about something we are grateful for!

For both of these combined, today I have a video for you that I first saw on A New Kind of Normal. "Meant To Be" is written and sung by Stephen Curtis Chapman for the new Veggie Tales Christmas movie about adoption called "It's a Meaningful Life."

This is what Steven says about the adoption agency you saw at the end of the video on his website:

Recognizing that adoption is a perfect picture of what God has done for each of us in making us His children through Christ, ShowHOPE has been established to care for orphans by engaging the church and helping Christian families reduce the financial barriers to adoption. Psalm 68:5-6 tells us that as the Father to the fatherless, God delights in setting the lonely in families. It has been our experience that the scriptural mandate of caring for orphans, such as the one found in James 1:27, is really a wonderful invitation to experience God in a profound way by being a part of His sovereign plan for His precious children.
Working from these foundational truths, ShowHOPE exists to enable children living without the love and hope of an earthly family to be adopted into “covenant homes.” These families can provide not only the love and support needed for this life, but also provide a child with the knowledge of God’s plan for his or her eternal life with a forever family called The Body of Christ.

Do you have an adoption story? I'd love to feature your story this month, with a guest post, an interview, or even just a link to your post.  Let me know!

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