For My Sister on Her Birthday

Dear Evi,
This is a letter I wrote to you during my senior year of high school. I've added some to it since then, and so I'm giving it to you now for your 18th birthday. 
Four score and eighteen years ago...
 Our relationship has evolved so much over the years! Almost from the time mom and dad brought you home from the hospital, I was jealous of you. I felt robbed of my position, and all the love and attention that was due me. I allowed that bitterness to grow and shape my whole perspective of you. I thought everyone babied you, and gave you special treatment because you were younger and cuter. As a result, I was over-bearing and insensitive; although... you did provoke me frequently and sometimes deserved it a little, maybe? For six or seven years, our relationship consisted of constant bickering, sometimes resulting in fist-fights, and making each other’s lives as miserable as possible.
Sisters and our Snowman
As the years passed, I started to enjoy playing with you. I'll never forget our doll adventures! Those were good times. But as I got too old for dolls, I mostly ignored you, unless you bothered me. Then I informed you that you were an immature annoying copy-cat, a huge show-off, whose jokes were dumb and whose stories drier than the Sahara.  This stage of relative indifference lasted three or four years, about to my sophomore year of high school.
 Then one day, you began wearing make-up, mascara and foundation, and lip gloss. I couldn’t believe my eyes; the immature little tag-a-long had morphed into a tall, slender, attractive teenager. Not only had you gone through metamorphosis physically, but you developed talents for drawing, singing, and dancing, with a sparkling wit and keen sense of humor.

 But you are also beautiful where it counts; you are compassionate, loyal, and selfless. (What teenager do you know has a ministry of visiting the older ladies without nearby family on a regular basis?!) How did you grow up so fast without me knowing? I must have been far too focused on myself to appreciate the beautiful person that was emerging in you.

I loved taking you to high school and back, jamming out in the car, dancing to our Toby Mac song. I loved making you laugh, because you always brightened my day. I could always go to you for fashion advice, and I still do! I'll never forget the time I told that boy I'd kick his butt if he ever bothered you again!

 You became my companion, my comic relief, my ally, and my fellow schemer. Most importantly, Evi, you became my friend. 
Model posing with our sort of matching hats

Caught in the rain soon before I left for college
And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without the song!

I love you Evi! :) Have a wonderful 18th birthday!!!

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