Costumes, Costumes

The last time I dressed up for Halloween, on Halloween, was when I was probably around 5 years old. I tried to find a picture, but I think it's scanned onto my parent's computer, which is broken right now, and possibly in my older sister's scrapbook.

Anyway, I was Snow White, and the skirt was the most twirly skirt known to man. My mom actually made the costume, and my older sister's. She was Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz, with an adorable blue checkered jumper (also with a twirly skirt) and red glitter encrusted slippers. My younger sister was Ariel, and I actually wasn't jealous, because I remembered wearing that fake red hair when I was three and tripping over my feet in the tight green skirt.

I remember that Halloween because we went to Nana and Papa's house, and it SNOWED. On Halloween. Halloween in Iowa is always freezing, but this time really took the cake. We stayed warm and dry for the most part, since we were only trick-or-treating for our grandparents. For some reason, maybe as an alternative to going outside and ringing the doorbell, we performed a play for the adults. Papa was the narrator, and I think he made it up as we went along. I remember that it was something along the lines of  "Ariel decided to go visit Snow White. While they were chatting and drinking tea, they decided to call on Dorthy. So they went over to Dorthy's house, and drank more tea..." And at the end, Nana taught us to bow, holding each other's hands, standing in a line, and raising our arms and then bowing together, repeating at least twice.

But, since I don't have pictures of that story, I thought I'd share some others from costume parties past...actually just last year.
I don't know who took this...I got if off facebook. The date is obviously off...
My mom gave me that colonial ball gown for my 16th birthday, I believe. I never thought I'd have any use for it, until the Cyclone Bible Fellowship costume party.
Both of these dresses are actually mine...I was loaded with costumes. I didn't even wear either of these the year before...
 I just wanted to put this one in, since I think it's really cool. But you can see who I actually was in this picture: 
Yep, Princess Peach, with Mario and Luigi! FYI, Brian's mustache is real.

But back to the nearer past: 
This is seriously the most gorgeous fabric ever. 

I know what you're dying to ask. Did Brian dress up like a colonial man? French Revolutionist? Minuteman? Red coat? Did he wear breeches and tights?

Nope. I didn't think he was going to dress up at all: he shot down my idea of dressing up like an old man and an old lady, or a farmer (using the overalls from last year) and farmer's wife. But he didn't let me down. He was late to the party, and then showed up like this:
What is he? (clue: spiky hair, sweat band, blue underarmor shirt)

If you said "ping pong player," you're right! (Notice that although we were from different eras, we were still matching color-wise)

Brian made the comment: "You should wear that dress sometime after we get married."
"Why?" I asked.
" would be fun to kiss a Victorian."

Close enough, Brian.

What was your all-time favorite costume?

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