Costume (Tea) Party

This was not your traditional costume party. For starters, when my friend Southern Belle knocked at the door, I opened it to see one of these ladies in the flesh:
The green hat is eerily similar to the red one she was wearing! 
Southern Belle collects historic clothing, and she also sews her own.
Little Women-esque jacket

My favs, the 40's and 50's

These actually belonged to her grandma, who eloped in the cream one!

After admiring the costumes for quite sometime, we were starving. Time for tea!

More tea?

And then it was time for more dress up!
Look. At. This. Dress. 
Ok, I will. This fabric is so beautiful, the picture doesn't do it justice. the dress bodice has boning in it to make you look skinny, and one of the twirliest skirts ever.
Swing dancing? Nope, just twirling. 

What did you dress up as this year? 

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