All By Myself

Monday after we've just started back to normal life after our camping trip, Brian had the opportunity to go on a business trip. He called me and asked if I was ok with him going, and I encouraged him to go.

I was all by myself for two days and two nights. It was kind of like being single. Almost. But not really.

I could have called someone to hang out, but I decided I wanted to see how I did alone. I did get a little freaked out at night, after dinner, when it was really, really quiet. But overall, I enjoyed it. I took advantage of the time to get a lot of things done, and watch movies I knew Brian would never want to see with me. Each day besides working on school, writing, and the mountain of laundry, I had some fun time! Popcorn, chocolate, and chick flicks, oh my!
I may or may not have:
Yes, all of the above are completely true.

And while it was fun being alone, it was.... lonely. I didn't like having the whole bed to myself. I missed Bri's smile and hugs. A lot. I'm glad it wasn't for very long. 

I'm glad he's back. And I'm glad I'm not single. 

I think I'll see if I can talk Brian into watching "Confessions of  Shopaholic"'s just so much more fun to laugh with someone else!

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