Two Good Bible Study Books by Elizabeth George

 Happy Friday! Today I'm looking forward to spending some girl time! My hubby and Honormommy's are both gone for the men and boys campout, which means girly time is on! 

I'd like to start a new schedule for my posts by including a book review on Fridays. I adore books, and I've read a lot of them, both good and bad, so I would love to share my experiences with you. 

Since school has just started, my thoughts turned toward Bible studies. These are two of the best books I've used in women's Bible study; the first as a participant and the second as the leader. They work wonderfully for a women's group, but they're also perfect for personal quiet times. 

"Quiet Confidence for a Woman's heart" by Elizabeth George is a reflective study of Psalms 23. Elizabeth unwraps each phrase to reveal applications for every woman's heart. Twelve promises from the familiar psalm deal with provision, protection, peace, rest, guidance, care, comfort, companionship, hope, healing, and our future home. 

Honestly, this wasn't my first choice of Bible study material. I thought I knew all there was to know about Psalm 23. I soon learned how mistaken I was! The principles I learned from this book have helped me to battle my worrying and fears, especially during a difficult school semester. I especially appreciated the teaching on the names of God, and how they tie into the promises in the psalm. 

I found that the discussion questions for every chapter in the back are perfect for a group or a personal study. "Building Your Confidence in Him" sections throughout the chapters give additional information, applications, and focus points. 

For more information about this book, click here or check it out in my bookshelf on the left side of this page. 

This is the younger version of the well-known "A woman After God's own Heart." Again, it's by Elizabeth George. I really enjoy her books for Bible studies; her layout is so organized and the application questions are  awesome for fueling great discussions or quiet soul-searching. 

It's written for teenage to college-aged girls and divides into three sections: The Pursuit of God, The Pursuit of God's Priorities, and The Practice of God's Priorities. It deals with the pressing issues: getting along with parents and siblings, making and keeping friends, dating, why to have daily Bible reading, prayer, and serving others. It's full of practical steps and thought provoking questions to encourage young women to develop godly attitudes and habits. 

I think every mother of a teenage girl should get this for her daughter. Going through it together is a great idea, as long as you're willing to take a close look at your own heart! 

Click here for more information about this book; it's also on my bookshelf. 

Feel free to browse the items I've selected for Scribbles Store. I've only chosen items that I've had personal experience with and that I can vouch for their quality and scriptural soundness. Eventually, I hope to have a review posted for every item I include. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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