Joyness Journal: Tuesday

I love flowers! I'm glad there are quite a few flowering bushes around our apartment. I cut a few stems yesterday and put them in some vases around the house. Every time I walk into one of these rooms it makes me smile.

 They really brighten the house and give it a fresh and homey feel. Flowers are proven to help people relax and boost moods. Studies show that when someone is in an elevator holding flowers, the other people who get on are more likely to talk to each other and be friendly. Someone did a study on it, I know I read that in a reliable source. 

At the Park
I had a great time today; Brian was going to be gone all day since the CEO is visiting and taking the management all out for dinner, and it wasn't worth making the drive from the West side to the East and back again. So, I decided to take Honormommy up on her suggestion, and gave her a call. We and the kids went to Taco Bell and a playground, before going to their house, putting two of the four down for naps, and breaking out the scrapbooking. I didn't get too far because I left all my stickers and tags, and after a recent scare when I thought I'd lost all my childhood pictures, I really wanted to scan these before doing too much to them. I also realized how rusty I am at scrapbooking! But I am very thankful for the conversations we had and the time out of the house and being craft-y. 
To The Rescue

What brought you joy today?

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