Moving Resolutions

'Twas the night before we're supposed to leave, and all through the house, creatures are stirring, but not any mice :) The boxes are almost packed, the trailer is....empty, the car is....almost running.

We've said goodbye to my sister and her family, my best friend, Brian's best friend, my home church, and my home town friends. More goodbyes to come tomorrow, the hardest ones: both of our immediate families. I'm going to miss my siblings like crazy, and my new parents, grandma, and aunts, uncles, and cousins from Brian's side. It's been a tough week for me, emotionally and with all we've had to do: opening wedding gifts, changing name stuff, getting a cell phone plan, and all the stuff for our trip, including redoing the Durango's brakes, shocks, and the rear differential (I've learned a lot about cars this week). I've been told that this is how the Conley's do things; major re-hauling of vehicles before big trips, generally last minute, but somehow it always gets done. 

I've been researching apartments online without much luck. Either they're too far away from where we want to live, or they're way too expensive. We'll just have to wait until we get there and can drive the area. 

Crazy as it seems, it doesn't seem real to me yet, that we're really leaving. Maybe I'm in denial, or just banking on coming back in August for my cousin's wedding. 

Brian was worried about me today, he said he was afraid I'd break down when we got there and not be able to function. I don't think that's going to be the case. As worried and stressed as I've been, I do recognize that this is God's leading. As my mom-in-law said, "If God wanted you in Fort Dodge, you'd be moving here." My best friend mentioned that it's crazy that I get a completely new start with a new city, church, school, and even last name. I could totally "reinvent" myself, if I wanted to. While I'm not planning to do anything radical, I do hope to change in a few ways. 

1. Get a haircut. Short and cool. I don't think my long thick hair will fare well there, so I want to chop it off short and cute. And I do have Brian's permission even!!!
2. Get a tan. No more of that self tanning crap. A real desert sun-kissed-light-toasty color. 
3. Find a sense of style. This will be more difficult. But, I'll only need one wardrobe for all year, no more of this changing seasons thing, so that will enable me to be more creative with mixing and matching and creating complete outfits. Plus, now that I'm a married woman, I need to look like the part. 
4. Forge a strong marriage. We will really have to depend on each other and God for comfort, strength, courage, and grace with each other. I think this move will be the best thing for our unity and becoming one. 
5. Overcome fears. Crossing city streets, sleeping without a night-light, shopping by myself, meeting people and making friends, roll calls, and above all, driving, to name a few.
6. Become a better communicator. I've never been great at keeping up with people, although I think of people from time to time, I'm not good at making the the effort to find out how they're doing. I want to still keep in contact with friends in Iowa, as well as my NMB friends all over the Midwest, and especially my family. Now that I have a real cell phone for the first time ever, that will be much easier! 
7. Learn to keep house, and make a house a home. I am SO EXCITED to unpack and decorate and arrange everything in our very own place! I'm not so excited to make and keep a budget, meal plan, cook, and do dishes. 
8. Continue involvement in ministry. Being a part of a Bible study and leading a Bible study has been by far the highlight of my college experience, and I really hope to continue it. But, perhaps God will lead me to a new ministry! 
9. Keep working towards getting a degree. With the whole out-of-state tuition thing, it gets a little tricky, but hopefully I'll be able to continue at ASU this fall. If not, then online classes or community college, here I come!
10. Go deeper with God. So many Biblical characters developed into the leaders and teachers that changed the world AFTER spending extended time in the desert. Moses, Abraham, Elijah, John the Baptist, Paul, and Jesus to mention a few. My spiritual walk has been pretty dry lately; I've allowed many other non-essential things to push God off the throne, and it's time to get things right. I'm ready for time in the desert! 

Please remember to pray for our travels and sanity this week! Love you all and miss you very much, 
Emily CONLEY :)

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