Top Ten Most Interesting People, Places, and Things So Far

We started our trip from Des Moines on Tuesday morning, drove through Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. We spent the night in Pratt, Kansas at the Regency Inn, and took off for Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. 

Tonight we're in Albuquerque, and so I thought I'd give you a top ten list of the trip so far. These are the ten "Most Interesting" people, places, and things I've encountered in the last two days. 
1. A road sign in Kansas for "Cattle Crossing." 
2. Brian and the GPS. Every time we'd turn off the Interstate to find a place to eat, or get gas, or a bathroom break, the GPS would tell us to "Turn left, then, turn right," etc, to get us back on track. It's a GPS. It does that. But based on Brian's conversations with it EVERY TIME, I'm not convinced he knows it's just an inanimate object and really isn't aware that he's hungry for Subway. 
3. A city in Oklahoma named "Hooker." Hooker Street, Hooker Industries, Hooker equity....there was a sign for somebody Tucker candidating for Hooker assessor. What do you call a person from Hooker, Oklahoma? A..... hooker?!
4. Oil rigs. All over Kansas, we spotted the interesting machines nodding away amidst the golden harvested wheat stubble. We're not in Iowa anymore, Toto. 
5. Corn fields. For one, the cornfields all had huge irrigation rigs sprawled across them, which you don't see too often in Iowa. Also, in KS and OK, they don't plant corn the way we do; utilizing every inch; instead they curve every corner so that a big triangle chunk of land isn't planted. We couldn't figure out the reason for this, so if anyone knows, let me know.  
6. Cow feed lots. We drove past miles and miles of fenced in cows, seemingly standing room only, stretching as far as we could see. I've never ever even imagined so many cows! I felt really bad for them, because they were all crammed in and there was so much grassy land surrounding them that they couldn't get to. 
7. A postcard I bought in Texas that says in bold, "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!"
8. The HORRIBLE service we had at "Silver Moon Cafe" in Santa Rosa, NM, a historic Route 66 eatery that'd been there since 1956 or something. I don't know how it's stayed in business for that long. The employees all sat in the back, and very grudgingly got up to drop a couple menus on a table for us and send someone back to take our order. They didn't have the appetizer we wanted, but that's not a huge deal. The waitress acted like we were ruining her life by occupying any of her time, my mesquite chicken sandwich with bacon didn't have any bacon on it, and when the waitress finally came to refill our glasses, she spilled water profusely next to my plate and huffed, "Whatever!" and marched off, without even an attempt to clean it up. I don't recommend it!
9. Texas county. In Oklahoma. And Texhoma, on the border between the two. 
10. The little old lady at the gas station in Dalhart, TX. The men's restroom was out of order, but since the women's room was a one stall deal with a door that locked, Brian went ahead and used it. We were eyeing some snacks when a little old lady with large framed glasses, and long graying red braids popped out in front of us. "Young man, you kin use the ladies room if ya need tah," when Brian told her he'd already taken the liberty, "Wall Gawd bless yer heart!" 

God bless yours too, and please keep us in your prayers as we continue through the mountains and descend to our final destination, Phoenix, AZ. 

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